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    Jeffrey's Moderator Application.

    Jeff 惄

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    Jeffrey's Moderator Application.

    Post by Jeff 惄 on Mon Jun 22, 2009 1:59 pm

    1)What is your name on the server?

    I S M F O F

    2)How long have you been playing I trey I scape?

    For maybe 2-3 weeks when Bren, still played this.

    3)If you get promoted will you continue staying active?

    Of course ill be active.

    4)What level are you on the server?

    I am currently around level 50, i haven't played in a while, but im planning on to be a tank.

    5)Do you know anyone that would recommend you to become a mod? ( if so name who )

    I do not know yet, i had some recommendations on my old application, but i forgot.

    6)Describe why you want mod.

    I'd like to have mod, because i would like to be noticed, as someone doing a good deed, or helping the server, and not just a person, that only plays because there bored, and just be there to get moderator with out earning it.

    I also want to be moderator, because this server has moderators, that don't do sht. And im not naming. This server just needs a moderator that can do there job.

    7)explain what you will\can do as mod.

    I could actually do something with the massers, and the spammers. Or try to. I know all of the glitches, like dbow glitch, how to dupe etc. And its pretty easy to catch someone, if there dbow glitching if there hitting 40+ also dupers get rich like bam? So yeah, ill take care of those rule breakers.

    8.) Explain some accomplishments\good deeds you've done for the server already.

    I don't really remember Very Happy

    9)Give us you're email ( msn aim ) in case we need to get in reach with you.

    10) Why should we pick you for mod?

    I guess, im loyal enough to be one. I also have experience on being a staff memeber, because i have co-owned a server with bren, you can ask him Very Happy
    I know how to handle rule breakers. and some of the problems.

    11) Have you been mod on any other servers? (If so, name some.)

    I've been a adminastrator, on Pkyourway, Co-owner on Taste-of-chaos, Admin on Darkcastles. and that's pretty much it.

    12) Will you respect the staff and the members?

    Of course, i will respect the staff and the members, if they don't respect me i don't give a **** about them.

    13) Will you ever abuse your powers?

    No i won't

    14) Any other information that we need to know about you?

    No =] Most of the players here know me!

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