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    Application Format

    I Trey I

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    Application Format

    Post by I Trey I on Sun Jun 21, 2009 10:06 pm

    Application must follow outline or else it will be locked!

    Requirements to submit a application:
    1)Must have over 25 posts on forums. NO SPAM! (E.g "lol";"k";"Thanks") more than one word per post..
    2)Must of played the server for more than 7 days.


    1)What is your name on the server?

    2)How long have you been playing I trey I scape?

    3)If you get promoted will you continue staying active?

    4)What level are you on the server?

    5)Do you know anyone that would recommend you to become a mod? ( if so name who )

    6)Describe why you want mod.

    7)explain what you will\can do as mod.

    8.) Explain some accomplishments\good deeds you've done for the server already.

    9)Give us you're email ( msn aim ) in case we need to get in reach with you.

    10) Why should we pick you for mod?

    11) Have you been mod on any other servers? (If so, name some.)

    12) Will you respect the staff and the members?

    13) Will you ever abuse your powers?

    14) Any other information that we need to know about you?

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