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    Sliith's Forum mod application

    tha wip3

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    Sliith's Forum mod application

    Post by tha wip3 on Thu Jun 18, 2009 11:40 am

    1) What is your name on the forum and in game.
    Tha wip3
    2) How long have you been itreyiscape.
    Few weeks be4 update and first day now.
    3) If you get the spot will you still be active?
    Yes, i will.
    4) Do you have anyone that would support you to become a moderator? ( if so name who ). Not yet. Havent talk to any1 yet.

    5)Why do you want to become a forum moderator?
    To keep the forum clear.
    6) How can you contribute to the forums after obtaining moderator, And how will you help the rest of the staff. I will help as much as i can...

    7) Will you follow the Rules even More If you Receive moderator?
    Yes, i will.
    8) Why do you think you DESERVE Forum Moderator?
    Im not going to decide that... Im just offering my help. No1 tells you to accept my application. I post it to offer my help if you guys need it.

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