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    Sliith's Mod Application

    tha wip3

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    Sliith's Mod Application

    Post by tha wip3 on Thu Jun 18, 2009 11:37 am

    1)What is your name on the server?
    Tha Wip3.
    2)How long have you been playing I trey I scape?
    Be4 the big update, i played few weeks. Now Trey Invited me back Smile
    3)If you get promoted will you continue staying active?
    Yes, i will.
    4)What level are you on the server?
    idk, like 40 atm.
    5)Do you know anyone that would recommend you to become a mod? ( if so name who )
    No , i dont... havent ask any1 yet Smile
    6)Describe why you want mod.
    Im Active and i got lot of experience as staff.
    7)explain what you will\can do as mod.
    I will help new players and take care of rule breakers, the right way .
    8.) Explain some accomplishments\good deeds you've done for the server already. Be4 the big update i helped alot of new comers... Atm i havent done anything yet.

    9)Give us you're email ( msn aim ) in case we need to get in reach with you. ... Trey has it allready Smile
    10) Why should we pick you for mod?
    Im Active and i got lot of experience as staff. I will help the server as much as i can.
    11) Have you been mod on any other servers? (If so, name some.)
    Yes i have... I got my own server and so... but in big server, such as Atroscape, Paradise or 2spec, i havent...
    12) Will you respect the staff and the members?
    Yes, i will.
    13) Will you ever abuse your powers?
    No, i will not.
    14) Any other information that we need to know about you?
    I can also code, design and st00f ... Smile

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