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    owna ya nuttz's mod apply.


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    owna ya nuttz's mod apply.

    Post by nicolas on Tue Jun 16, 2009 12:02 am

    1)What is your name on the server?
    own ya nuttz

    2)How long have you been playing I trey I scape?
    Around 5 days.
    3)If you get promoted will you continue staying active?
    Yes, because i wan't to stop other people from cheating and are just on to annoy people but i won't be online for like 24/7.. ;]

    4)What level are you on the server?

    5)Do you know anyone that would recommend you to become a mod? ( if so name who )
    1.) I trey I
    2.) skiller jr

    6)Describe why you want mod.
    I wan't mod so i can catch people who are duping and mute others that are cursing to others.

    7)explain what you will\can do as mod.
    You can mute people who arebeing dissloyal to others and bann duepers.

    8.) Explain some accomplishments\good deeds you've done for the server already.

    I've help some new players where the shops are and the commands ::home ::agility ::shops etc.. I've also shown and told them what drops certain items..

    9)Give us you're email ( msn aim ) in case we need to get in reach with you.

    Email (Msn) -

    10) Why should we pick you for mod?
    You should pick me for mod because im loyal to others and will help new players such as lvl 3's and much more.

    11) Have you been mod on any other servers? (If so, name some.)
    Yes i've been a mod on 2 servers

    1.) Lost pkz
    2.) Bexxscape

    12) Will you respect the staff and the members?

    Yes, I've started off respecting and getting to know notorius the first day i played. Then i met i trey i and skiller jr.. Allen has been a roll model for me because hes a mod that i would like to be.

    13) Will you ever abuse your powers?
    I would certainly not use this power to abuse others. I would only use they to do what is necisery.

    14) Any other information that we need to know about you?

    My name's nicolas most people that i know call me nick and i like to play baskerball. I'm 15 years old almost 16... Thats pretty much it.

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    Re: owna ya nuttz's mod apply.

    Post by allen on Sun Jun 21, 2009 12:54 am

    i seen him online not causeing any trouble and a really nice person

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    Re: owna ya nuttz's mod apply.

    Post by Zoe on Sun Jun 21, 2009 12:58 am

    I support as I have been playing with him in-game and I think he really does deserve it.
    tha wip3

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    Age : 24
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    Re: owna ya nuttz's mod apply.

    Post by tha wip3 on Sun Jun 21, 2009 1:49 am

    Supporting him Smile As he helped me out when i joined the server Smile Really helpful and nice person ...

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    Re: owna ya nuttz's mod apply.

    Post by Sponsored content

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