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    Forum Moderator application - Zoe


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    Forum Moderator application - Zoe

    Post by Zoe on Sat Apr 25, 2009 1:36 am

    1) What is your name on the forum and in game?
    Zoe and Zoe. LOL!

    2) How long have you been I trey I scape?
    About 1 week or 2.

    3) If you get the spot will you still be active?
    Yes, most certainly because I love forums so much!

    4) Do you have anyone that would support you to become a moderator? If so, name who.
    Erm well I don't know who but I'll edit the names if they do support me.

    5)Why do you want to become a forum moderator?
    The reason why I want to become a forum moderator is to educate people and how things are supposed to work out on forums. Also I've been experienced on forums for about 2 years (not coding sorry).

    6) How can you contribute to the forums after obtaining moderator, and how will you help the rest of the staff?
    Well I'll do whatever it takes to help the forums and doing tasks. I can help the rest of the staff, so they can either tell me whats wrong, I'll come right onto it and deal with it.

    7) Will you follow the rules even more if you receive Forum Moderator?
    Yes I will follow the rules and obey them.

    8) Why do you think you DESERVE Forum Moderator?
    I think the reason why I should deserve it, is to help people on the forums with stuff happening in game and educate them with everything. I am Jr. Admin on Grimsscape forums and I've been doing a lot of work on it >, you can check it out. I am experienced on forums and it's been 2 years since I've done a lot.

    Thank you for reading my application and wish me good luck.

    Zoe Smile

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